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Tired of feeling so tired?

Spent. Haggard. Beat. There’s no end to the words we can use to describe being tired, especially in today’s hyperspeed cyber world. My personal favorite? Fried. Many of my patients complain of fatigue. And if they’re not exhausted, they’re wondering what happened to their energy levels—they just can’t seem to do all of the things they used to do.

Did you know that fatigue and low energy are not signs of getting older? There are, in fact, multiple causes for feeling dead on your feet that have nothing to do with your age. I’m diving in deep with fatigue, exploring the many causes and hopefully guiding your journey back to vibrant health and vitality.

When we discuss fatigue, there are many factors that can contribute. It’s quite possible that there’s more than one that’s contributing to your current state of fatigue.

7 possible causes of your fatigue:


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Could PC be the fountain of youth?

Knowing our brain and bodies have miles and miles of cell membranes, Dr. Fox and I are always finding the best ways to support healthy cell membranes and your nervous system.

Phosphatidylcholine, or PC for short, is a kind of phospholipid (or fat) that is found in every cell membrane in the body. Fascinatingly, your brain, and nervous system are made up of 70 percent fat and this fat has the same molecular structure as phosphatidylcholine. When this phospholipid is given intravenously, it gives your brain and cells the food they need to replace old, damaged parts of the cell membrane.  And as they replace old parts of the cell membrane with new, optimally functioning membranes, everything works better!

Making it even more powerful, this process can help detox fat-soluble toxins and biotoxin that have accumulated in our bodies over a lifetime. We have found this life-giving lipid incredibly helpful for headaches, brain fog, mold, Lyme, concussions, all forms of dementia and almost any neurological disorder.  Many patients report increased mental vibrancy and deeper sleep and an overall improvement in their health.

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Fight seasonal allergies naturally!

My top 3 recommended solutions to use before and during allergy season to decrease your symptoms so you can still get outside and enjoy the glorious spring.:-)

Quercitin 1000mg 2X’s/day – it’s a flavonoid antioxidant that comes from plants and is a natural anti-histamine.  Start taking right away, continuing throughout the allergy season.  Jarrow makes a very effective product.

Bromelain—this enzyme comes from pineapple and if you take it on an empty stomach it gets absorbed and digests phlegm and mucous in the upper respiratory tract.  Make sure to prior to eating, otherwise the enzyme works on your food and not your symptoms. Take 4-6 caps as tolerated when you have allergies. We recommend Integrative Therapeutics or Thorne.

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Be careful… some supplements are fake

You may think you’re doing a smart thing by purchasing supplements at a discounted price on sites like Amazon. Shockingly, this can actually be harmful to your health!
The supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, so manufacturers can write whatever they want on the label. Some of these products are don’t have anything in them! In addition, there are multiple research articles and expose’s on the supplements sold over the counter at your local store. Many contain nothing but fillers and worse, some have been found to have toxins and pharmaceuticals in them. Be safe and sure—buy only physician grade and third party tested supplements.

What you need to know about mold toxicity

By Terri Fox, MD

Did you know?
That the common symptoms of mold toxicity are headaches and migraines?

Mold is often not visible. It thrives in porous materials with high cellulose content, such as dry wall, paper and wood. Mold is often found in places one doesn’t usually look—under rugs, behind dry wall, attics, basements, crawl spaces and behind large appliances. All it needs to live is moisture.

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