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Empowering your immune system with vitamin C

Vitamin C has a unique ability to support our body’s immune system, especially against viruses.

Vitamin C allows the body to more effectively and efficiently combat viruses. How exactly does vitamin C work against viral infections? As a extra- and intracellular antioxidant, Vitamin C helps our body fight viral infections by supporting and moving our immune protective cells (macrophages, lymphocytes and natural killer cells) to the site of the infection, as well as promoting the recycling of our internal antioxidant systems (glutathione, catalase) that protect us from the damage of reactive oxygen species produced by these viruses.

While we always encourage all our patients to eat a whole food diet rich in vitamin C containing foods, during COVID we also recommend that you supplement orally with higher doses of vitamin C.

For immune system support, we suggest taking 2000-4000 mg of vitamin C daily in divided doses.

If you want to supercharge your body’s ability to fight viruses and the antioxidant depletion these bugs can cause, we also recommend getting intravenous Vitamin C (aka the Myer’s Cocktail). An IV Myer’s contains between 17-25 grams of vitamin C… far exceeding the doses we can achieve orally. While oral vitamin C dosing is limited by “bowel tolerance”, we can give much higher doses intravenously without these unwanted side effects while quickly building vitamin C storage in the body.

Boulder Holistic is happy to offer IV therapy two days per week in clinic. Please call or email soon to set up your IV therapy appointment and safeguard your health.

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We Are Here For You!

Boulder Holistic is dedicated to providing the best possible service to you and your family during this crucial time. We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening for IV therapy and blood draws on Wednesday and Friday through the month of June.


M-F 10am - 4:30pm

Utilizing the guidelines put forth by the CDC and the state of Colorado, we have instituted rigorous cleaning and social distancing measures to keep our patients and staff safe as we make this transition. Due to the size and layout of our office, please be aware of the following guidelines:

·         We ask that you call the office when you arrive in the parking lot. Patients are asked to wait in their cars until their appointment times to minimize contact with other patients.

·         We will be meeting every patient at the entrance to the building to assess your temperature and ask about any suspicious symptoms before being escorted into the office space.

·         Patient appointment times will be staggered to assure no interaction.

·         Any drivers, friends and family members will be asked to remain outside in their cars unless the patient requires accompaniment. Please arrange with the front desk ahead of the appointment.

·         We ask that all patients wear their own mask. Our doctors and staff will be wearing theirs.

·         Our doctors will continue to conduct appointments by telemedicine as much as possible to minimize exposure.

·         We are also booking chiropractic, acupuncture and cranial sacral appointments. Due to the extensive cleaning and cross-contamination measures taken, these appointments will be condensed into one day per week.

Please be patient and join us as we take these next steps.

We are in this together and are looking forward to seeing you again.

Take good care,

Dr.’s Terri Fox and Amy Reidhead

Allergies in the time of COVID-19

There’s bad news and there is good news this allergy season.

There’s bad news and there is good news this allergy season.
Many of the symptoms of seasonal allergies can be mistaken for signs and symptoms of other upper respiratory infections including COVID-19. Many symptoms include runny nose, stuffy nose, red eyes, scratchy throat, cough, tight chest and sneezing.
Seems the tricky part is how embarrassing it is to have allergies right now. Having a runny nose and sneezing in the grocery line-aaak! It can be a whole situation… Believe me; just imagine the looks you get from other people shopping right now — Ugh.

The good news is that many of the natural things we use to treat seasonal allergies are also great at COVID-19 prevention.

Quercitin — Quercitin is a polyphenol that comes from the skins of many fruits and vegetables including apples and onions and is a natural anti-histamine. It helps take the overall level of histamine during allergy season down a notch. Quercitin also appears to prevent coronavirus from attaching to the ACE receptor on the outside of the cell membrane, blocking the entrance of the virus into the cell and slowing viral replication. Recommended dosing 1200mg twice a day.
Diamine Oxidase — Diamine oxidase (DAO), also known as histaminase, is the enzyme that we make to break down and recycle histamine. The highest levels of DAO are found in the digestive tract. Taking this enzyme helps to break down histamine once it is released in the body. Our favorite DAO product is HistDao by Xymogen, take 3-4 capsules as needed throughout the day.
Bromelain — Bromalain is an enzyme that comes from pineapples. Taken on an empty stomach, this enzyme gets absorbed and helps to digest inflammation and mucous in the upper respiratory tract. We love this one! Take 2-6 caps on an empty stomach twice daily.
NAC — N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is the supplement form of the amino acid cysteine. NAC is mucolytic, anti-viral and is a precursor to glutathione, our body’s most potent antioxidant. NAC is recommended for both seasonal allergies and COVID-19. NAC can be taken orally 900 mg twice daily. NAC is also available in prescription form that may be inhaled to help with asthma and shortness of breath.
AllQlear — AllQlear by Integrative Therapeutics has a unique ingredient derived from quail eggs that appears to act as a tryptase inhibitor, stabilizing mast cells and reducing histamine secretion. Chew two tablets twice daily between meals.
Sinus Rinsing — Rinsing out the sinuses helps both with seasonal allergies and preventing COVID-19.
Read more here about sinus rinsing and all the things you can add to your sinus rinse to make it more powerful! We especially like the nasal ionic silver for allergy season.
We hope you are staying healthy and happy during this great pause.
Let us know if we can help in any way!
Please call or email the office. We can ship you an allergy package or anything to help during this crazy time. We can also do curbside pick up.
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Up The Nose

What?  Yep, more COVID prevention.  And great for allergy season too!

One great way to help prevent the seeding of a virus into upper respiratory tract is by sinus rinsing.

I recommend the Neil Med system or a neti pot, at least 2X’s/day.  This can help clear out the days exposures, allergens and mucous.  To make this even more effective you can put some biocidin 5-15 drops in your sinus rinse (with your salts or packets.)  Biocidin is an herbal combination with great anti-viral effects.

Get it out of the nose before it goes any further!

And did you know your glymphatic system in your brain detoxes neurotoxins and neuroinflamation and may help prevent dementia of all kinds.  Keeping your sinuses clear and lots of sleep may help with this process.


Other Things you can Put Up your Nose

Ionized Silver –my favorite is Argentyn23 – Widely know to have well respected anti-microbial effects while being helpful at nipping any virus in the bud. 

Nicatinomide Riboside (or RG3) – A compounded nasal spray increases NAD which increases mitochondrial function.  Incredible for fatigue, brain fog, and or neurodetoxification.

Nicatinomide Riboside (or RG3) – This compounded nasal spray increases NAD which increases mitochondrial function.  Incredible for fatigue, brain fog, neurodetoxification.

Glutathione –compounded intranasal glutathione –there’s some great emerging data on glutathione as helpful to prevent the cytokine storm in COVID 19.  And when you spray it up your nose, you have better access to you central nervous system – for neurodetoxification and brain healing. Great for brain fog too!

Sinus rinse and prevent viral infection, improve allergies and neurodetoxification!

If you think you may have a fungal sinusitis from mold or yeast, contact our office to get tested or your favorite functional medicine doctor.

If you suspect you may have marcons (multiple antibiotic resistance coag negative staph), we can test you for that too!

Steps to building emotional resilience in uncertain times

As we enter the seventh week (or is it week 107?) of social distancing and quarantine, for some, ongoing social isolation may be eroding our ability to be happy. No matter who you are, we have all suffered in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The structure of our day-to-day lives as well as our roles and responsibilities have drastically changed. Globally, we are experiencing this pandemic together, but the uncertainty and fear of quarantine has us sheltering at home, compounding feelings of loneliness, sadness, guilt, doubt, anger distrust and disorientation.
A review article looking at the impact of the more recent SARs and MERs epidemics and concluded that quarantine had significant mental health consequences, especially among healthcare workers, those infected with the virus and in those with previous mental health concerns.

Reviewing these studies found quarantining for as little as two weeks was associated with a dramatic rise in depression, anxiety, anger, confusion and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as an escalation in drug and alcohol use disorders. Read more about the psychological impact of quarantine.

So what is “normal” to feel at this time? 
That answer can really include just about anything. Some common things we are hearing include increased feelings of irritation, annoyance, fear, frustration, guilt, anxiety, and sadness, overwhelm and anger. 
Our emotional health may also manifest as physical symptoms like insomnia, nervousness, compulsive eating or drinking, loss of appetite, deteriorating work or school performance, poor concentration, profound fatigue, and indecisiveness.
Take a deep breath. All of this is normal.
Stress impacts the brain in a number of ways. Are you feeling more tired than usual? During prolonged stress, your brain uses fuel at an alarming rate, depleting vital mental energy leaving you mentally and physically exhausted. Having a hard time concentrating on projects or work? A stressed brain shuts down the part of your brain called the prefrontal cortex, responsible for concentration and focus in order to better prepare you for the next yet unforeseen stressor coming down the pike. Chronic stress also depletes certain methylated B-vitamins, which can negatively impact neurotransmitter recycling and mood.

Here’s the good news.

We can make choices that build our emotional resilience. Here are some simple steps we are recommending to build our mental resiliency during quarantine.

Maintain a routine

The brain and body like routine. Keeping regular sleep and wake times stabilizes our mood and can help defend against depression and anxiety. Also, try showering, brushing your teeth and getting dressed for the day — even if you are just working from home. Wearing regular clothes, not just sweat pants, can go a long way toward boosting your mood.

Stay connected to what gives you meaning

For many of us, the bonds with our family and friends provide the deepest meaning. Our pets and our work can also provide profound meaning and comfort. Nurturing these connections is an antidote to trauma, so schedule a zoom dinner or happy hour, or add extra play time with your pets and children. Reach out to colleagues at work or friends and family through phone calls, text or FaceTime and zoom. Spending extra time playing with your loved ones will help offset negative feelings.

Set realistic goals

During times of high stress, it’s important to manage the expectations you place on yourself and others. Though you may find yourself with more free time than usual, it doesn’t mean you have to DO something with it. Who says you need to take on a new hobby or learn a new language? It’s ok, and probably healthier, to lower your expectations of productivity at this time. Focus instead on your core needs.

Give everyone a break, including you!

The stress of the pandemic affects people of all ages differently. We are also experiencing something called collective stress. Try giving people the benefit of the doubt and practice kindness. That means also being good to yourself.

Take good care of your body

Stay hydrated and eat well. Even mild dehydration can trigger issues with mood, concentration, headaches and fatigue. Eating processed foods that contain bad fats and excess sugar can contribute to mood issues by reducing serotonin production and using up our mood enhancing B vitamins. Eat a diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, clean meat, and drink at least 2 liters of filtered or spring water daily.

Keep moving. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of walking daily helps to mitigate depression and improve mood. Walking, sitting or exercising in the sun is even better. Get out and connect with nature.

Create a self-care tool kit. There are loads of things that can fit into this basket: Playing games with your family, practicing breath work, or meditation, learn how to use Tapping to shift mood and dampen anxiety, taking a bath or a nap, reading a book, watching a funny movie or television program or just practicing laughter all can help manage anxiety and improve mood.

As Colorado transitions from the more restricted shelter at home orders to the more relaxed safer at home measures, our anxiety and feelings of uncertainty are bound to be triggered. Visit Colorado.gov to learn more about what this means for you as these restrictions can vary by county and by city.

Luckily, the same tools that build resilience during quarantine can be used to manage stress during transition. In addition to applying these simple lifestyle recommendations, there are a number of nutraceuticals that can support emotional resilience.

Let’s work together to build an individualized program for you to support your mood, manage anxiety and improve your sleep so that you can thrive now and always.

We are here to help,

Drs. Amy Reidhead and Terri Fox

Using nasal rinses for COVID-19
prevention and allergy season

One great way to help prevent the seeding of a virus into the upper respiratory tract is by practicing nasal rinsing. Sinus rinses may help prevent viral infection, improve allergies and aid in neurodetoxification.

We recommend using the Neil Med saline system or a Neti pot at least twice per day. This process can help to clear out the days exposures to allergens, viruses and mucous. Think of it like flossing your nose.

Other things you can put up your nose:

Biocidin. Biocidin is an herbal combination with excellent anti-viral effects. You can add 5-10 drops in your saline solution for added protection against microbes. 
Ionized silver: We like Argentyn23. Intranasal silver has anti-microbial effects and is helpful at nipping any virus in the bud. 

Intranasal Glutathione: Compounded intranasal glutathione –there’s some great emerging data on glutathione as helpful to prevent the cytokine storm in COVID 19. And when you spray it up your nose, you have better access to you central nervous system – for neurodetoxification and brain healing. Great for brain fog too.
Probiotics: News, flash, your nose also has a microbiome ! My favorite way to support it is to dissolve MegaSporeBiotic by Microbiome Labs in distilled water overnight at room temperature and add this to your sinus rinse (with your salts or packets). 1 cap is enough for 3 sinus rinses. 
Nicatinomide Riboside (or RG3): This compounded nasal spray increases NAD which increases mitochondrial function. Incredible for fatigue, brain fog, neurodetoxification.
Clearing nasal passages may have far-reaching health affects beyond just viral and allergy support. A newly discovered part of the lymphatic system called the glymphatic system located in the nasal cavity detoxes the brain of neuro-inflammation and neurotoxins wile you sleep. 
Recent research suggest that improving sinus health and getting good sleep may be a key strategy for preventing all types of dementia.
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