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Tag: Allergy

Fight seasonal allergies naturally!

My top 3 recommended solutions to use before and during allergy season to decrease your symptoms so you can still get outside and enjoy the glorious spring.:-)

Quercitin 1000mg 2X’s/day – it’s a flavonoid antioxidant that comes from plants and is a natural anti-histamine.  Start taking right away, continuing throughout the allergy season.  Jarrow makes a very effective product.

Bromelain—this enzyme comes from pineapple and if you take it on an empty stomach it gets absorbed and digests phlegm and mucous in the upper respiratory tract.  Make sure to prior to eating, otherwise the enzyme works on your food and not your symptoms. Take 4-6 caps as tolerated when you have allergies. We recommend Integrative Therapeutics or Thorne.

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