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August Summer Heat Hydration Special

The heat is ON and it’s a great time to revitalize, hydrate and boost your immune system to get the most out of the last few weeks of summer before school starts. Medical grade nutritional IV’s have been found by many to help get your energy and vitality back after COVID.
This month, we are offering a 15% discount on all IV’s booked through August 31. So get your spot, come in and relax and enjoy the health benefits offered by our nutrient dense IV’s. 

IVs to help beat the summer heat

NAD+ IV’s NAD has become the darling of the bio hacking and advanced regenerative medicine world lately. NAD+ (nicotinomide di nucleaotide) is an electron donating molecule our bodies use to super charge our energy, improve metabolism, increase athletic endurance and boost natural energy and help with many chronic conditions including fatigue, weight gain and brain fog. Online source

Myers Cocktail and Glutathione

Antioxidants like vitamin C and glutathione help to protect our cells from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that our bodies produce in response to environmental and other internal or external stressors like viruses, bacteria and mold.

Vitamin C infusions, like the Myer’s cocktail, and glutathione IV’s help by boosting the bodies natural immune response, modulating inflammation in the body by scavenging free radicals. They are also potent antiviral therapies and can help in patients suffering with fatigue. We have found them extremely helpful in the pre-COVID prevention and in post-COVID treatment.

Essential N (Phosphatidyl Choline) and Glutathione

The phospholipids in our PC IV’s combined with the antioxidant power of glutathione are helpful in healing and stabilizing the nervous system and the brain, replacing damaged cell membranes in chronic illness including Tick Borne Illness (Lyme and co-infections) and mold illness/CIRS. It’s a powerful detoxification IV with neuroplasticity and longevity benefits. Glutathione has been found to help many people recover from the neurological effects of COVID.

If you don’t have time to book and IV, it’s always a good day to pop in for a B-12 or M.I.C. shot. B-12 shots help to boost energy and can help with methylation detox, while the M.I.C shot adds inositol and choline to the methyl-b12 for added energy, metabolic balance and help with maintaining healthy weight!

Enjoy your Summer! Hope to see you in the office!

Dr.’s Terri and Amy

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The leaves are back, the kids are out of school, it smells like flowers, summer in Colorado is here!

Boulder Holistic has an exciting announcement! Our Registered Nurse extraordinaire, Ame, is back! She will be in clinic 2-4 days per week including some Saturdays and we are offering Nutritional IV’s, blood draws, PRP (more info to come), urine and throat checks, ionic foot baths, etc. on those days. Please call the office at 303-390-1245 or email us at info@boulderholistic.com to schedule.

Medical IV’s vs hydration IV’s?

Our providers tailor IV therapy to the unique constitution, diagnoses and treatment plan of each patient. At Boulder Holistic, we use medical grade, high dose IV nutrients, increasing doses over time as the patient heals.
The dosages we use as well as the quality of the nutrients in the IV’s are often exponentially higher than in the IV bars. Below are some of our favorites as well as their indications:
IV Phosphatidyl Choline and Glutathione
This is a combination of two IV’s and is essential in repairing cellular membranes and the central nervous system. These systems can get damaged by toxins such as mold, environmental toxins, biotoxins, etc. Glutathione is known as the “Mother of all antioxidants” and helps alleviate toxic burden on the cells. We often use this combo as a type of detoxification and neuroregeneration therapy for mold and Lyme, it helps the body to pull out mycotoxins, biotoxins, plastics, pesticides and more while replacing critical cell membranes and aiding in neuroplasticity. 
It can also be highly beneficial for neurocognitive function, helping with memory, focus and concentration. It’s incredibly healing for post-concussion syndrome and for CNS disorders. It is believed to decrease the risk of all forms of dementia as it allows the membrane in the CNS to replace old, damaged parts of the membrane, and in so doing, it releases a lifetime of fat-soluble toxins. Membrane stability is critical for vibrant health, mental clarity and growing older gracefully and happily! Dosage of phosphatidyl choline increases with regular IV treatments and is always paired with glutathione. This is the IV for optimal brain function, sleep, headaches and detoxification.
NAD is a coenzyme vital in the metabolic process by aiding in mitochondrial renewal. It increases the mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP or energy. It may help enhance mood, improves energy and sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, (including easing symptoms of PTSD), aid in exercise recovery, and slow the aging process including strengthening hair, skin, and nails. It’s also indicated as a natural treatment for a whole host of chronic illnesses. Dosage of NAD increases with regular treatments. This one is great for fatigue, brain fog, weight loss and athletic endurance.
IV Meyers Cocktail
This unique cocktail includes large doses Vitamin C (25,000mg), calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, trace minerals and Vitamins B5, B6 B12 and a B-complex. Methyl folate can be added and this IV can be followed by a quick glutathione push. It is indicated for those with a heavy bacterial or viral load, fatigue, nutritional depletions, inability to absorb nutrients, chronic infections or cognitive dysfunction. It’s incredibly immune boosting, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and repleting. Our clinic offers a “mini” and a standard Meyer’s. The mini is a nice option for someone with time constraints wanting a quick boost, while the standard dosages will provide a more robust result. This is the IV for immune function, fatigue and repleting the system.
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IVs to help beat the summer heat

Dr. Terri Fox interviewed on the functional medicine approach to biotoxin illness by Dr. Jill Carnahan!

Hello Friends
It was an honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Jill Carnahan! Dr. Carnahan is a functional medicine doctor, researcher and lecturer. She specializes in biotoxin illness and has a wonderful, informative YouTube channel interviewing experts in the field. Check it out!
In this video, Dr. Jill interviews Dr. Fox about the functional medicine approach to biotoxin illness. Biotoxins are toxins that come from a biological origin. Many chronic conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, neurologic conditions, anxiety and headaches have roots in biotoxin illness. Common biotoxin illnesses include Lyme Disease, Lyme associated co-infections and mold illness as each of these contagions release biotoxins that can make people symptomatic. 
Functional medicine looks for the underlying root cause instead of just treating the symptoms. Dr. Fox explores how functional medicine can be applied to mold toxicity and Lyme disease. Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Fox’s personal journey, a look at testing and treatment approaches for mold toxicity and the relationship between Lyme and mold.

Thank you first responders and teachers

We would like to offer our gratitude to first-responders and teachers for their selfless contribution to the care of our beloved friends, family members and children during these extraordinary times.
Our doctors are extending a friends and family discount on new patient appointments and supplements to all first responders and teachers who book through March 2021.
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Mask-acne… it’s a thing

Masks are now the new hot accessories but wearing a mask for hours a day can block the pores of your skin and put you at risk of developing acne. As healthcare providers, we know the best way to treat acne is to prevent it before it happens.
So, since mask wearing is not likely to go away for a while, it seems important to figure out how to best protect our faces and stop the pimples that masks can cause.
So what causes acne?
Acne and pimples are caused by a number of things including the health of your pores and how much oil and keratin they produce, your hormone balance and the health of your gut. The bacteria that live on our skin can also play a significant part in the development of acne.  
Inflammation is also a key player in the development of pimples. Our skin is a direct reflection of the foods you feed it; the more inflammatory foods you eat, the more likely you will have skin issues.
Did you know your skin is a detox organ?
Our bodies have six organs of detox: the lungs, liver, lymph, kidneys, large intestines and the skin. Our skin is our biggest organ of elimination, working with the other organs of detox to remove waste from the blood and the body. When there is congestion in the other organs of detox, the skin tries to pick up the slack by pushing toxins out through our pores. In fact our skin can push out as much as 2 pounds of toxic waste a day through our sweat!
What are some simple things you can do to help prevent acne:
  • Wash you face mask after wearing using a non-toxic soap or detergent.
  • Keep your mask dry. Moisture builds up behind the mask making it a total breeding ground for bacteria, so if you talk a lot with a mask on, you may want to change it often during the day.
  • Wearing masks made of natural fibers can help. Masks made of silk are less likely to cause pimples.
  • Ditch gluten: Gluten is inflammatory in everyone, so stopping gluten can reduce inflammation in the body, protect the gut and stop more toxins from leaking into the blood stream.
  • Stop eating dairy. The consumption of cow dairy has long been associated with acne. Cow dairy is NOT a health food, it is full of hormones which may contribute to acne and is very inflammatory in the body.
  • Kick the sugar and processed food habit. Both sugar and highly processed foods have been shown to make many skin conditions worse, including premature aging.
  • Drink water!
Natural skin solutions
Wash your face with non-toxic cleansers. I like Tata Harper skin care for clean beauty products and moisturizers for the skin. Their products are organic, clean and smell amazing without added fragrance. For blemish prone skin I recommend using Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser or Zyderma Gentle Foaming Cleanser that cleans skin without stripping away our skin’s natural barrier. 
Gentle exfoliation 1-2 times a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that contribute to blocked pores and lead to more outbreaks. Try to pick products that contain natural enzymes, BHA and salicylic acid.
Moisturize you skin. Dry skin as well as oily skin can lead to more acne prone skin. Find a clean moisturizer that matches your skin type.
Support your skin’s microbiome. You can help restore the skins moisture barrier and microbiome with topical products like Biossense Squalene+Probiotic Gel that soothes red skin and may help to balance the skins natural protective flora.
Topical things that can help with blemishes: Look for products that contain niacinamide and zinc as they can help balance oil production and reduce redness. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%, Zinc 1%
For super dry skin: The Ordinary HA 2% + B5 has hyaluronic acid to help lock in skin’s natural moisture.
To help with Skin repairThe Ordinary Buffet +Copper Peptides may help repair skin and prevent scarring.
I want end by saying that I have no affiliation with any of these products or their makers; they are just products I have used personally and find useful. I also like Beauty Counter and Goop to shop clean body and beauty products. There are others. Shop around and find what works for you and your budget.
Although the products I mentioned in this blog are largely geared toward the ladies (don’t worry guys, you can use clean skincare too!), men can suffer with acne too. No matter who the patient is, the principles of functional medicine apply to anyone suffering from acne.
Always start your detox routine by eliminating inflammatory foods, clean up your household cleaning and beauty products and get the organs of elimination working.
Supplements that support great looking skin include:
  • High dose probiotics rebalance the gut microbiome: pick ones with 225, 350, or 500 billion CFU
  • Fish Oils and Evening Primrose Oil are anti-inflammatory and support cell structure and barrier function
  • Vitamin E fights off free radicals and helps to protect the skin
  • Vitamin D helps heal tissues
  • Methylated B vitamins help support detoxification pathways, protecting the skin from hormones that can make acne worse
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Reversing Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a hot topic in the health and functional medicine world. Our fast passed, high stress and inactive lifestyles put many people at risk for this undesirable condition. Luckily, insulin resistance is not only preventable, but may be reversible by making healthy diet and lifestyle changes now!
What is insulin resistance?

Insulin is a hormone released by your endocrine system that helps shuttle sugar consumed in the diet into your cells to be used as fuel. Insulin is also the main fat storage hormone in the body. It tells fat cells to store all calories as fat and elevated insulin levels also prevent fat from being used as fuel.

Insulin resistance really means insulin excess and it is just one step on the path to developing long-term issues with your metabolism. So when your insulin levels are high, your body goes into fat storage mode… making weight loss nearly impossible.

How did you get here? Standard American Diet, Genetics, and Lifestyle
Many things can contribute to having issues with glucose metabolism and insulin resistance. When someone with the right genetic make up and lifestyle also eats the standard American diet (heavy on processed foods, low in fiber and quality protein, high in bad fats and simple carbohydrates), their body will start to produce more and more insulin in order to try to manage all the sugar that is being consumed with every meal.
Our lifestyle can also contribute to developing insulin resistance. The amount of stress in our lives as well as the coping skills we use for managing our stress (stress eating, and consuming an excess of caffeine and alcohol) can also make insulin resistance worse. Likewise, the amount of exercise (too much or too little) and types of exercise can similarly impact the insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.
How do I know if this is a problem for me?
Signs that you may have impaired glucose metabolism may include fatigue, feeling hungry all the time, having issues with sleep (poor sleep quality or feeling tired all the time), difficulty losing weight or yo-yo diet weight loss, and the presence of stubborn belly fat no matter how well you eat and exercise.
A functional medicine doctor can order routine lab work that may show evidence of this process years before you would actually get the diagnosis of diabetes from a traditional doctor.
Some of these labs include measuring leptin hormone, insulin levels, hemoglobin A1c and blood glucose levels in your blood. Elevations in any of these markers can indicate that you have impaired glucose metabolism and could be on your way to developing a metabolic syndrome like diabetes.
How do I fix this?
None of this happened overnight, and it won’t change overnight either. No one wants to hear this, but coming back from insulin resistance and impaired glucose metabolism takes time. Insulin resistance develops over years and years and is actually your body’s intelligent way of adapting to eating too much sugar from a carbohydrate heavy diet for a lifetime. In fact, by the time your blood work shows insulin resistance, this processes has been happening for at least 10-20 years!

If you want to work on reversing insulin resistance, it requires a dedication to eating a whole foods diet and modifying your lifestyle and exercise behaviors—for life.

  1. Exercise. In order to change your metabolism, you have to exercise. The best exercise for changing metabolism is brisk walking 30+ minutes at least 5 out of 7 days.
  2. Stress control. Cortisol is our stress hormone, and elevated cortisol levels also contribute to greater fat storage, especially abdominal fat. You can read about cortisol here. Read about how mindfulness, meditation, tapping and breath work can all help to rewire our stress response here.
  3. Low carb and high fat diet. A whole foods diet that eliminates processed foods and simple carbs and sugar and includes healthy fats is recommended for reversing insulin resistance. Check out the Mito-Food plan from IFM.
  4. Ketosis. Ketosis simply means that your body has adapted to burning fat for fuel rather than glucose. The Mito-Keto food plan can help you figure out what to eat to start exploring ketosis.
  5. Fasting. Intermittent or prolonged fasting. Fasting is an advanced way to profoundly change your metabolism. Fasting can be explored under medical supervision, as long as you have made all the above changes to your diet and lifestyle.
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