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The leaves are back, the kids are out of school, it smells like flowers, summer in Colorado is here!

Boulder Holistic has an exciting announcement! Our Registered Nurse extraordinaire, Ame, is back! She will be in clinic 2-4 days per week including some Saturdays and we are offering Nutritional IV’s, blood draws, PRP (more info to come), urine and throat checks, ionic foot baths, etc. on those days. Please call the office at 303-390-1245 or email us at to schedule.

Medical IV’s vs hydration IV’s?

Our providers tailor IV therapy to the unique constitution, diagnoses and treatment plan of each patient. At Boulder Holistic, we use medical grade, high dose IV nutrients, increasing doses over time as the patient heals.
The dosages we use as well as the quality of the nutrients in the IV’s are often exponentially higher than in the IV bars. Below are some of our favorites as well as their indications:
IV Phosphatidyl Choline and Glutathione
This is a combination of two IV’s and is essential in repairing cellular membranes and the central nervous system. These systems can get damaged by toxins such as mold, environmental toxins, biotoxins, etc. Glutathione is known as the “Mother of all antioxidants” and helps alleviate toxic burden on the cells. We often use this combo as a type of detoxification and neuroregeneration therapy for mold and Lyme, it helps the body to pull out mycotoxins, biotoxins, plastics, pesticides and more while replacing critical cell membranes and aiding in neuroplasticity. 
It can also be highly beneficial for neurocognitive function, helping with memory, focus and concentration. It’s incredibly healing for post-concussion syndrome and for CNS disorders. It is believed to decrease the risk of all forms of dementia as it allows the membrane in the CNS to replace old, damaged parts of the membrane, and in so doing, it releases a lifetime of fat-soluble toxins. Membrane stability is critical for vibrant health, mental clarity and growing older gracefully and happily! Dosage of phosphatidyl choline increases with regular IV treatments and is always paired with glutathione. This is the IV for optimal brain function, sleep, headaches and detoxification.
NAD is a coenzyme vital in the metabolic process by aiding in mitochondrial renewal. It increases the mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP or energy. It may help enhance mood, improves energy and sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, (including easing symptoms of PTSD), aid in exercise recovery, and slow the aging process including strengthening hair, skin, and nails. It’s also indicated as a natural treatment for a whole host of chronic illnesses. Dosage of NAD increases with regular treatments. This one is great for fatigue, brain fog, weight loss and athletic endurance.
IV Meyers Cocktail
This unique cocktail includes large doses Vitamin C (25,000mg), calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, trace minerals and Vitamins B5, B6 B12 and a B-complex. Methyl folate can be added and this IV can be followed by a quick glutathione push. It is indicated for those with a heavy bacterial or viral load, fatigue, nutritional depletions, inability to absorb nutrients, chronic infections or cognitive dysfunction. It’s incredibly immune boosting, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and repleting. Our clinic offers a “mini” and a standard Meyer’s. The mini is a nice option for someone with time constraints wanting a quick boost, while the standard dosages will provide a more robust result. This is the IV for immune function, fatigue and repleting the system.
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IVs to help beat the summer heat

Dr. Terri Rebibo Fox

Dr. Terri Fox is a holistic, integrative, functional medicine doctor in Boulder, Colorado. She works on your behalf as a medical detective searching for the underlying dysfunction, instead of just treating your symptoms. She has expertise in fatigue, bio-identical hormones, sleep disorders, gastro-intestinal dysfunction, and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from mold toxicity and Lyme disease.